Research in Livestock Genomics

In 2010, after the international effort to sequence the bovine genome was achieved in 2009, Livestock Gentec was created out of the Alberta Bovine Genomics Program (ABGP), in order to build upon the success of ABGP and bring the benefits of genomics to additional livestock industries and wildlife health in Alberta, and beyond.

Since then, Livestock Gentec has been involved in research involving more than 10 species, including swine, sheep, poultry (broiler and layer), bison, various cervids, water buffalo, and salmon. The research objectives range from developing genomic tools to test, identify, and predict transmission of chronic wasting disease to using metabolomics analysis to develop pen-side diagnostics for pregnancy and litter size at early gestation.

Livestock Gentec is currently involved in eight additional livestock projects (i.e., additional to bovine or porcine projects found in the categories above), many of which include collaborations with scientists at leading institutions, nationally and internationally. For more information on the individual projects listed below, please contact our management team or the principal investigator(s) directly. 

Project titlePrincipal InvestigatorDurationResearch / Strategic Goal
Using pooling allele frequency to cost-effectively test if there is a genetic predisposition to footpad lesions in commercial poultryBench, Clover2016-2017Health
Improving chicken responses to glycoconjugate vaccination against Campylobacter jejuni.Plastow, Graham2016-2018Health
Genomics and metabolomics analyses of sheep residual feed intake and carcass quality: a follow up studyWang, Zhiquan2016-2018Efficiency
Systems Biology and Molecular Ecology of Chronic Wasting DiseaseStothard, Paul (collaborator) (McKenzie and Wishart)2016-2020Health
Development a collaborative research project on application of yeast byproductsGuan, Leluo2017-2017Health
Effects of iodine in water on intestinal microbial communities of chickens and other livestock animalsWilling, Ben2017-2018Health
Improved accuracy in diagnosing pregnancy and predicting litter size at early ewe gestation; metabolomics analyses for pen side kit development.Markus, Susan2017-2018Efficiency
Microbial modifying properties of iodinated water in animal productionWilling, Ben2017-2018Health