Building an Analytic App for Arm-Chair Ranching

The Arm-Chair Rancher is an app that aims to add value to on farm and industry data to support producer decision-making for their operation from their "arm-chair".

Production efficiency has never been more important for the beef industry and there is a need for an innovative solution to aid producers with their decisions to help improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry. The Arm-Chair Rancher project, led by Livestock Genetc and partnered with the University of Alberta and Beef Booster, is developing a comprehensive, user friendly mobile app that will employ machine learning to generate farm-specific recommendations and predictions. Successful implementation of the Arm-Chair Rancher could save time for herd management and increase productivity from more data-driven decisions.

Download the full project summary here.

For more information or to participate in the project contact Jennifer Stewart-Smith

(403) 880-4017

Institution: University of Alberta

Primary Investigator: Graham Plastow

Co-Primary Investigator: David Wishart (UAlberta)

Term: 2021 - 2024

Funding: $481,000 (Alberta Innovates)

Partners: Beefbooster