UAlberta’s Dr. David Wishart talks with the Alberta Farmer Express about the “Arm-Chair Rancher”

The Arm-Chair Rancher is an app that will harness a huge database of beef industry data (weather, soil condition, commodity prices, genomics, etc.) and use machine learning to generate guiding scenarios, recommendations and predictions to improve productivity on beef farms. Dr. Wishart is a professor in computing sciences and biological sciences at the University of Alberta and is co-developing the app with Livestock Gentec.

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Frontline Farming Canada talks beef genomics with Gentec’s John Basarab

Diane Finstad of Frontline Farming Canada met with Dr. John Basarab (Gentec’s Head of Beef Operations) to discuss hybrid vigour and its potential to improve the health and sustainability of Alberta’s beef herds.

The interview is airing on RFD-TV, available through Shaw’s satellite service, Telus Optik and rural cable companies. You can tune in on Fridays ats 8:00 pm. Sunday 8 am, Mondays 5:30 am and Tuesdays 8:30 pm throughout the month of May. The interview will also be airing on the Cowboy Channel Tuesday’s at 3:30 pm.

Alberta Innovates announces funding for Gentec’s “Arm-Chair Rancher” project

Livestock Gentec, partnered with the University of Alberta and Beefbooster, was awarded $481,000 to develop an app to harness on-farm and industry data and use machine learning to generate guiding scenarios and predictions for optimal herd and farm management. Funding was awarded through Alberta Innovates “Smart Agriculture and Food Digitization and Automation Challenge”.

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