Industry Engagement

Gentec’s primary mission is to increase the value captured by the beef industry, primarily at the farm level, from the delivery of genomics-based tools and technologies.  This is done by engaging with many industry stakeholders, including beef producers, to define and implement practical research priorities that deliver measurable progress towards the beef industry’s goals.

Gentec also conducts various outreach and extension events, with the goal of demonstration and/or implementation and adoption of new technology that improves the competitiveness and profitability of the beef industry.  This is done in part by communicating research results and educating industry on the value of genomics. Past events have included 4H Canada, Discovery Days in Health Sciences, AgSmart Olds, CBIC, ABIC, SBIC, in addition to numerous producer workshops held in conjunction with local forage associations, AAFC, ABP and many farm table discussions.

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