About Livestock Gentec

Livestock Genetec is a[n] [Alberta Innovates] Centre for research and commercialization of genomics technologies for livestock competitiveness and sustainability. The Centre is funded by Alberta Innovates and Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR), and [in part] by the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

In 2006, the Alberta Bovine Genomics Program (ABGP) was created in order to bring together a group of highly skilled scientists in genomics, genetics and bioinformatics, and address  the need for better breeding and management technologies through research. The ABGP was a world-leading centre for genomics research and technology development, and pioneered  the development of tests for genome-wide association studies in cattle.

In 2010, the ABGP extended its scope to include all livestock species and expands on existing technology transfer and industry collaboration efforts. In 2010, Livestock Gentec was  created to continue the ABGP's research and bring the commercial benefits of genomics to the Canadian livestock industry.

The Gentec team is made up of world-class scientists, executives, and technology transfer specialists, representing a comprehensive span of expertise.

Our partners and collaborators include universities, research networks, livestock industry associations, independent industry members, government agencies, and private sector companies from all over the world.