Livestock Gentec is committed to providing practical value to producers. We are always looking for producer feedback and participation in research projects. Additionally, we are happy to work with producers to apply our tools directly on-farm and to provide extension and education services.

Project Participation

Genomics-Enhanced Whole Herd Genetic Management Trial

In this project, researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are looking to demonstrate their newly developed Genomics-Enhanced Whole Herd Genetic Management Platform. This platform will provide information generated from genomic testing in an easy to use portal that will:

  • Predict genomic EPDs for a variety of beefperformance traits including: growth, feed efficiency, carcass merit and fertility traits for bulls, replacement heifers and cows (without the need for pedigree data from producers)
  • Calculate multiple trait selection indexes for feeder profitability (Feeder Profit Index) and heifer profitability (Replacement Heifer Profit Index), as well as customized indexes for traits important to your operation
  • Predict genomic breed composition of each animal and determine the hybrid vigour score (retained heterozygosity)
  • Assign bulls to replacement heifers and cows via a mating selection tool to maximize genomic EPDs for desired traits and hybrid vigour

In order to participate, you need to send in genetic samples (hair, tissue, semen or blood) from your animals and pay for genotyping. We are offering a special discounted price of $15 per test (vs. $45) for producers who participate in this project, thanks to financial support from ERA and BCRC. In return you will receive everything from the platform described above.

For more information, click here to read the full brochure or contact Michael Vinsky at You can also visit to find out more about the Genomics-Enhanced Whole Herd Genetic Management Platform.

Arm-Chair Rancher

Helping ranchers harness on-farm and industry data in one easy-to-use app to support decision-making for their operation from their “arm-chair”. The ACR app aims to integrate Alberta-wide industry data and farm-specific data from existing software and use machine learning to provide guiding scenarios and tailored options to work towards improved farm profitability.

There is opportunity for beef producers to participate in the development of the ACR app. Providing access to the data you collect on farm (i.e. Herdtrax, Herdly, spreadsheets, etc.), your data will be combined with our database to provide accurate and effective decision-making abilities for the app. Your data will by anonymized, protected and stored only at the University of Alberta. As a participant you will receive updates on project progress and may be asked for input on the functioning of the app.

For more information, click here for the full brochure or contact Jennifer Stewart-Smith at (403) 880-4017 or


Extension Events

If you have a producer or industry event and are interested in a speaker to discuss the value of genomic tools on commercial farms or any of our research projects, please contact Livestock Gentec at (780) 248-1900 or Our participation in past events include:

  • Conferences or seminars
  • Producer workshops
  • 4H meetings
  • Industry group meetings
  • Farm table discussions