In 2006, the Alberta Bovine Genomics Program (ABGP) was created in order to bring together a group of highly skilled scientists in genomics, genetics and bioinformatics, and address the need for better breeding and management technologies through research. The ABGP was a world-leading centre for genomics research and technology development and pioneered the development of tests for genome-wide association studies in cattle.

In 2010, the ABGP extended its scope to include all livestock species and expands on existing technology transfer and industry collaboration efforts. In 2010, Livestock Gentec was created to continue the ABGP’s research and bring the commercial benefits of genomics to the Canadian livestock industry. Gentec’s primary research goals are animal health, efficiency, quality, technology adoption and training and collaboration.


Since 2020, Livestock Gentec has shifted its primary focus to the beef industry. In this sector, Gentec’s research objectives are aligned with Canada’s beef industry goals:

  1. Beef Demand
    1. Increase AAA cut-out yield by 2%
  2. Productivity
    1. Improve feed efficiency by 5%
    2. Increase calf crop percentage by 2%
    3. Reduce open cow rates by 2%
    4. Reduce calf death loss to 5% or less
    5. Deliver gains through selection indices
  3. Competitiveness
    1. Educating the workforce of tomorrow
  4. Connectivity
    1. Strengthening partnerships through shared industry data
    2. Increasing adoption of genomic tools


Livestock Gentec has played a role in the development of genomic solutions for the Canadian swine industry, most notably through involvement in the PRRS Host Genetics Consortium. Gentec continues to conduct research with the pork industry with the objectives of:

  1. Animal health
    1. Increase disease resilience for commercial and “Raised Without Antibiotics” (RWA) pigs
    2. Development of genomic tools
  2. Training
    1. Development of highly qualified personnel and placement in industry
  3. Collaboration
    1. Strengthening partnerships through shared industry data
    2. Increasing adoption of genomic tools


Livestock Genetc has conducted genomic research on a number of livestock species, including dairy, poultry and sheep. Gentec continues to work with the dairy industry, with a focus on improving feed efficiency and reducing gestation losses.