Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators


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Basarab, John

Senior Beef Research Scientist (Government of Alberta) and Adjunct Professor (University of Alberta)

Beef cattle production and genetics

(403) 350-9620

Bruce, Heather

Associate Professor - University of Alberta

Carcass and meat science

(780) 492-9871

Dyck, Michael


Reproductive physiology & biotechnology

(780) 492-0047

Fitzsimmons, Carolyn

Research Scientist (AAFC) and Assistant/Adjunct Professor (University of Alberta)

Gene expression, bovine genetics

(780) 248-1700

Goddard, Ellen

Professor, Co-operative Chair in Agricultural Marketing and Business

Public policy, consumer behaviour related to food

(780) 492-4596

Guan, Leluo


Functional genomics and microbiology

(780) 492-2480

Li, Changxi

AAFC Professor and AAFC Chair in Bovine Genomics

Bovine genomics

(780) 492-5248

Plastow, Graham

CEO - Professor

Animal genomics

(780) 492-1496

Stothard, Paul

Associate Professor

Bioinformatics and genomics

(780) 492-5242

Wang, Zhiquan

Associate Professor

Quantitative and statistical genomics

(780) 492-5243

Willing, Ben

Assistant Professor

Microbiology of nutrigenomics

(780) 492-8908

Yang, Rong-Cai

AF Professor

Statistical genomics and quantitative genetics

(780) 492-3728