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Industry and Ranchers

The theme of this newsletter focuses on what’s current and of importance for producers, including new technologies, new projects, and an industry relevant video of the month!


This newsletter focuses on new scientific discoveries and innovative research, locally, nationally, and internationally related to livestock genetics.


The ‘Consumer’ newsletter includes genetics, genomics, and agri-food updates, and innovations that are of interest to the end-consumer.


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Latest Stories

Genome Editing in Livestock

Another Breeding Tool for Genetic Improvement?

Genome editing or CRISPR and other DNA technologies have been lauded as both saviours and destroyers of food production depending upon your perspective and preferred news sources. Temple Grandin offers brief commentary in her recent presentation summarized in this newsletter but now Tad Sonstegard gives his opinion.

Temple Grandin speaks at 2018 Livestock Care Conference

Bad becomes normal… and big is fragile!

Gentec attended the Alberta Farm Animal Care’s 2018 Livestock Care Conference held in Olds Alberta, March 14-15 where one of the highlights was a presentation by the renowned Temple Grandin.

Agricultural Myths and Facts

The ducks are coming home to roost!

Science is about using the correct methodology to make the right observation, and coming to the right conclusion. It is also about communicating the results so that fake science doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The task for scientists, then, is to demystify science.

Bye-bye, brown apples…

…Hello, perfection!

Arctic® Golden apples have been “designed” with the consumer in mind but it’s not a slam-dunk that they will sell.

Early results from a new pig disease study could help industry reap profits

Gentec CEO Graham Plastow presented the model and some of the latest results at PAGXXVI. The model was dreamt up by a team of researchers working closely with PigGen Canada, which represents the majority of pig breeding companies in Canada. Previous work shows that pigs could be selected for reduced susceptibility to the major diseases porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) and porcine circovirus associated disease (PCVAD) but these diseases are multifactorial and involve numerous other pathogens so a single disease challenge may not provide the desired answer. Industry was asking: Would selecting for reduced susceptibility to these diseases pay off or should we also include the less destructive but endemic diseases at the commercial level that impact production?