Livestock Gentec Performance and Recognition



In 2020, Livestock Gentec was awarded the Don Matthews Memorial award, presented annually by the CBBC to an organization or individual who exemplifies excellence and commitment in the beef cattle industry. Read more here.




Livestock Gentec is recognized as a global leader in collaborative genomic research. It has a successful track record of bringing together expert teams, securing funding and delivering value to industry.

  • >$124 million in research funding secured
  • Proprietary Genomic Dataset for commercial cattle in western Canada
  • Development and licensing of EnVigour HX ™, the first ‘Made in Canada’ genomic tool for measuring hybrid vigour
  • Spinoff and sale of Delta Genomics
  • Engagement with over 125 global collaborators
  • 115 highly qualified personnel trained with 35 high impact placements in industry



Livestock Gentec aims to bring together collaborative networks to develop, validate and deliver genomic innovations to improve the efficiency, sustainability and profitability of the beef and swine industries.

  • Improved accuracy of molecular breeding values for hard to measure traits
  • Improved hybrid vigour in commercial herds
  • Increased vigour = $160/cow/year over 5 calvings
  • Development of multi-trait indexes to select feeder sires and replacement heifers in commercial cattle
  • Increased Feeder Profit Index = $29 increased profit per feeder
  • On-going validation of using DNA pooling to reduce cost and increase adoption of genomic testing
  • Improved commercial gilt development and performance