Advisory & Strategy Reports

Livestock Gentec is committed to achieving its vision of being a world leader in providing genomic solutions across the livestock value chain for the improvement of global competitiveness of Canada’s livestock industry. In addition to quarterly meetings of our Management Advisory Board (MAB), Livestock Gentec engages an International Industry Scientific Advisory Committee (IISAC) to review the strategic direction and technology transfer of the program locally and internationally. Livestock Gentec has also commissioned (funds provided by Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency) expert consultations on the benefit and potential of genomics for the livestock industries in Canada. The following reports are a result of industry consultations, external performance reviews, and management advisory meetings.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Beef Genomics

Through various projects with collaborators, researchers at Livestock Gentec have estimated the economic and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission benefits from adopting new genomic tools in commercial beef cattle assuming 100% adoption and five years post-adoption. For more information on the calculations, please see the document, here.

Genomic toolsBenefit, (%/year)Economic benefits, ($million/year)%GHG reduction/yr
1. Fertility haplotype test0.5-1% increase in calf crop$25.8 - $51.71%
2. Fertility haplotype test0.5-1% decrease in culling$38.4 Ð$76.91%
3. Female Fertility Indices4-6% increased calf crop$24.8 - $37.26-10%
4. Female Fertility Indices10-15% decreased mortality$4.3 - $6.51-2%
5. Female Fertility Indices10-15% decreased morbidity$2.5 - $3.8<1%
6. Female Fertility Indices1-3% feed saving-feeders$24.3 - $73.01-3%
7. Female Fertility Indices1-3% feed saving-cows$23.3 - $70.11-3%
8. gEPD RFI, >0.45 acc. 0.5-1% feed saving$23.9 - $47.81%
9. Female fertility indices10-16% decrease in GHG$60.8 - $97.310-16%
10. Feeding NOP30-40% reduction in GHGs-------30-40%
Total gross benefit/year$228 - $46440-56%

Livestock Gentec Annual Report 2017

Livestock Gentec is pleased to present our annual report for 2017 (here).

These are certainly interesting times in the world of genomics and livestock.  We are now including the impact of forages and their management on the efficiency of beef cattle—and how the two synergize to create ecosystem-wide benefits such as better carbon sequestration. We are commercializing a tool (EnVigour HX™) that allows producers to determine—and maximize—the hybrid vigour of their herds, their productivity and profitability. We even have projects on sheep, bison and cervids, demonstrating very effectively that genomics is for everything and everyone.

We thank our industry partners for their ongoing support, our producer partners for their input, the Gentec team without whom our machinery stops, our stakeholders who see the bigger picture, and everybody who is on board help us provide high-quality, nutritious animal products in a humane, sustainable way through genomics.

Canadian Beef Improvement Network (CBIN) – Strategy Document

Wickham, December 2015.

Report prepared for Livestock Gentec by ConsultWickham.

Funding provided by Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA).

This report explored the concept of a Canadian Beef Improvement Network (CBIN) to provide the analysis and information tools required to deliver optimal contributions from genetic improvement to the Canadian beef industry in a consolidated and efficient manner. It concludes that CBIN is both needed and feasible. A series of steps to establish CBIN are set out in the report.

International Industry Scientific Advisory Committee (IISAC)

February 2015.

Report prepared by IISAC members for Livestock Gentec

IISAC members were provided background information describing research that was both underway and planned at Livestock Gentec. Members of the Committee met to address each of the terms of reference of the review. There was unanimous and strong support amongst the IISAC for the excellent progress that has been achieved since the last IISAC meeting in October 2012. A number of recommendations for continued success and improvement of the Centre were discussed. The resulting report is available for public review.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Genomic Tools for the Alberta Beef Industry

Fennessy et al., 2013.

Report prepared for Livestock Gentec by AbacusBio Limited.

Funding provided by Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA).

Livestock Gentec is engaged in helping ensure that Alberta (and Canada) are global leaders in profitable and environmentally-sustainable beef production. The objective of this project was to estimate the potential value of applying genomic technologies in the industry. The authors assessed the impact of the application of genomic technologies, before considering opportunities to focus genomics research on traits expected to provide the greatest benefit. A framework for the evaluation and application of potential best practices in the use of genomic tools are discussed in the report.