Development and Deployment of a Computation Tool for Efficient Whole-Genome Sequence Association and Prediction Analysis

A more statistically powerful and computationally efficient tool is needed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of whole-genome sequence analysis and prediction 

A vast amount of genetic information has been generated from the 1000 bull genome project across 171 cattle breeds. This information can potentially be used to facilitate the discovery of causal mutations and to greatly improve the accuracy of genomic prediction for economically important traits in beef cattle.  Recently, Livestock Gentec has imputed its legacy genotypes on about 25,000 beef individuals to whole-genome sequence data. This project aims to develop a powerful and efficient computing algorithm for whole-genome sequence association and prediction analyses. Successful development of this tool will provide the Alberta beef industry and research institutions with a powerful tool for fast integration of sequence information into genomic research and applications.

Download the full project summary here.

For more information on this project contact Livestock Gentec:

Phone: (780) 248-1740

Institution: University of Alberta

Primary Investigator: Graham Plastow

Term: 2020 - 2021

Funding: $120,000 from Genome Alberta

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