Livestock Gentec Annual Conference

2017 marked the 8th Annual Livestock Gentec Conference, held in Edmonton, AB on October 17th & 18th. The 2017 theme was “One Genome One Health: Our Animals, The Environment and Us”.

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Conference introductory video:


Conference summary video:


Our 2017 student poster winners:

“Most industry relevant”

Chinyere Ekine-Dzivenu for “Performance evaluation for feed efficiency and growth in progeny of parents selected for low residual feed intake – The “Kinsella Breeding Project”, results following two years of selection”

Academic winners:

1st place: Jiehan Lim for “Hematological Characteristics of Disease Resilient Pigs in a Natural Challenge Model”

2nd place: Mohammad Abo-Ismail for “Genomic tool for breed composition and hybrid vigor in crossbred beef cattle”

3rd place (tie): Robert Mukiibi for “Transcriptome analysis of skeletal muscle tissue in Canadian beef cattle with divergent residual feed intake phenotypes” and Shuo Wang for “Does the adoption of genomics technology in the forestry sector benefit society?”


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