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  • Wind, rain and cows

    Robert Mukiibi is finishing up his PhD in bovine quantitative and functional genomics related to feed efficiency. He’s been with Gentec for nearly four years. During that time, he has …Read More »
  • Is there a “beef” with Canada’s new Food Guide?

    The 2019 update of Canada’s Food Guide has been out for about a month. In that time, it has been both praised as better reflecting today’s lifestyles and sustainability issues, …Read More »
  • Taking the classroom into the barn

    Hands-on practice helps student learning stick The Ruminant Digestion, Metabolism and Nutrition course at UAlberta benefits from hands-on industry participation ANSC461/AFNS561 is a “must-have” course for any student wanting to …Read More »
  • Globetrotter

    One woman’s search for a research home From the Middle East to Europe and North America, Marzieh Heidaritabar talks to Gentec about the meaning behind international science. Already, as a …Read More »
  • Beef and Wetlands: It’s a win-win

    Beef producers and Ducks Unlimited Canada find common ground to improve sustainability Kristine Tapley has an unusual job title for an employee of Ducks Unlimited Canada, an organization traditionally known …Read More »
  • Food Risks and GM food

    Ellen Goddard Recently, (November 2018), the PEW Research Centre produced a report (Public Perspectives on Food Risks), which identified gender differences in public perspectives. We were curious about that aspect …Read More »
  • Canada: A role model for sustainable beef production

    “Canada is ahead of the game when it comes to beef sustainability,” affirms Graeme Finn, a member of the Canadian delegation at the Global Conference on Sustainable Beef held in …Read More »
  • Toys for boys: Drones in agriculture

    Using drones to manage cattle has piqued the interest of many ranchers over the past years as their appearance in the media and in the malls becomes more common. This …Read More »
  • One step in understanding Canada’s iconic wood bison

    There are plains bison and wood bison. Can you tell the difference? Delta Genomics is developing a test that will tell whether bison are wood, plains or hybrid. The difference …Read More »
  • Bioinformatics: Tomorrow’s career…

    …where the jobs come looking for you, not the other way round. In his lab in the Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences at UAlberta, Paul Stothard and his …Read More »